Computer Networking

Network Infrastructure


For a network to exist, several different physical parts are required. These include cabling, patch panels, patch cables, wall plates, media converters, fiber, switches, routers, and wireless devices. This infrastructure is the foundation of your entire organization. If one piece of it is left out, it can affect the entire structure. As the foundation goes so goes the organization. A poor foundation can cause the whole structure to fail and the same applies to a computer network. We will help you purchase, install, and maintain industry standard products to ensure you have a firm foundation.Network server room routers


At South Georgia Computer Resources we have in-house networking specialists. We deploy a diversified strategy  to maintain and protect networks. From Software and Hardware firewalls to Anti-Virus and the latest patches we work with our clients to ensure their networks are as secure as possible.

We specialize in Windows networking. We design and implement networks based on a client’s needs to ensure it accomplishes the client’s goals and complies with industry regulations.