Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Some of the most valuable property your company owns is data. The core data may be QuickBooks files, CAD drawings, email, or word documents. Loss of this information can mean the loss of your business. The physical computer is composed of hardware, hard drives, motherboards, CD/DVD drives, power supplies, memory chips, and processing chips. Any of these components can fail at any time. Sometimes, when they fail, the data that was on them is unrecoverable. In addition to hardware failures, there are operating system and application (Excel, Word, and QuickBooks) failures.

notebookfireWe will help you guard against such disasters. There are many methods to backup data: external hard drives, flash drives, CD/DVD disks, and online. Data can be stored in many different places on the hard drive. We will help you determine what you need to backup, how to standardize data storage, and the best method for backing up your data.

In addition to backing up your data, we can examine your computer and help you avoid system failures. These failures can be caused by hard drive failure, system overheating, memory failure, power failure, power supply failure,motherboard failure, operating system failure, system updates, malware, virus, ransom-ware, etc. We will evaluate your office/home and assist you in avoiding or resolving these problems.

If your system does crash, we will help you recover the data. If you have not used one of the backup media, we have tools at our disposal that will allow us to evaluate what and how much data might be recovered from the failed system.